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Windows Anytime Upgrade and Which Alternative to Choose

Windows Anytime Upgrade has long been a useful component for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users. Unfortunately this features was discontinued by the Microsoft. As its name implies Windows Anytime Upgrade enabled users to upgrade their Windows editions anytime. The feature was replaced with latest Microsoft latest operating system Windows 10. 

For example if a Windows 7 Starter user wanted an upgrade to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate it was quite easy with Anytime Upgrade feature for Windows 7. The user was only required to buy a digital license online and that license determines the version to be installed.

Is Windows Anytime Upgrade Still Available

The purpose behind Windows Anytime Upgrade was to enable users to fix and resolve any type of issues they are facing with their current edition of Windows operating system. Now the question is can we still use Windows Anytime Upgrade the answers is Nope, but don’t worry there is always a solution to the problem. The alternative to Windows Anytime Upgrade is available for the users of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

What is Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 2. It lets you detect and resolve any kind problems you are facing with your installed programs, devices or hardware. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor not only detects compatibility issues but also guides you how to resolve them before your upgrade to a better edition of Windows.

Why Use Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?

As compare to your current version of windows with known software compatibility issues it is always good idea to move to a better secure and user friendly operating system. Windows 7 supports all such features and provides you a better user experience.

How to Download and Install Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

1) Visit Microsoft official page to download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor setup.
2) Before you run the setup make sure your printer, scanner or devices you uses regularly are attached to your windows machine.
3) If you are a Windows XP user make sure to install .NET Framework 2.0 or the setup will prompt you to install it first.
After successful installation run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from the start menu.

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