Free Download Windows Windows 10 Windows Movie Maker

Download Best Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 free download to create stunning videos and slides. Windows 10 Movie Maker is the best video editing software available to download free from Microsoft Store.  With Windows Movie Creator: Free Video Editor you can create almost any type of video project to share with you family and friends.

If you want to spice up your everyday video project then Windows movie maker is the best choice for not only individual as well as for professionals. It now came up with advance video editing features and support all popular video format such as MP4 and MOV that gives your video story a professional touch.
Download Best Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

Important Features of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

Below are some useful and important features of Movie Maker Windows 10 also known as Windows Movie Creator that makes it stands out from other video editing software. The most noticeable feature is that it’s Free to use.
1. It boosts industry standard video trimming features. You can trim several different parts of a video and can also merge two videos as one.

2. Movie Creator lets you choose out of several customizable themes. Not only, but you can also change font, size and text of that particular theme.

3. Users can select and apply different sticker option in depending on the video duration.
4. There are different video filters option also available in movie maker Windows 10 including Negative, Sepia and others.
5. Another useful features is adding multiple music in a single video.
6. While trimming your favorite videos you can apply multiple effect to each part of the video you can also use these individual parts for further advance separation and editing.
7. One of the coolest feature of Windows 10 movie maker is transition effects. You can add different types of transition in your videos like smooth, rotation and list goes on.
8. Built in features to let you share your videos on all popular social sites.
Features of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

 Download Windows Movie Maker Free for Windows 10

In order to download Windows movie maker you required to have latest version of Windows 10 installed on PC or mobile. Before you proceed to download make sure are sign in to Microsoft Store. Visit this link and from here click Get button and it will take you to Microsoft Store.
You can also search for “Movie Creator” using Store search option. Click on Install to download and star using best Windows movie maker for Windows 10 users.

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